UMI 880 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic handheld instrument for measuring flow and percolation

  • Measuring range 0.01...+ - 32 m/s
  • Incl. sensor for pipes from Ø 20 up to 108 mm
  • Opional sensor for pipes  from Ø 57 up to 700 mm and Ø 300…6000 mm available
  • Maintenance free, no movable parts
  • Incl. logger-function
  • Incl. 5 meter measuring cable
  • Easy assembly
  • Installation without process interruption
  • no pressure loss
  • Incl. accessories in a robust carry case

Order No.: 5020-08801
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Technical data

Measuring range

0,01...±32 m/ s


0,001 m/s

Accuracy For Diameter >50mm: +- 1,5% from value
For Diameter <50mm: +- 3,5% from value

+ - 0,5% from value

Working temperature

Device: -20...+65°C
Sensor: -30...+160°C

Pipe dimensions

Sensor S1: 20...108mm included)
Sensor M1: 57...720mm (optional)
Sensor L1: 300...6000mm (optional)
Sensor SR1: 20...108mm (optional)
Sensor MR1: 57...720mm (optional)

Sensor dimensions

Sensor S1: 45 x 30 x 30mm (included)
Sensor M1: 70 x 40 x 40mm (optional)
Sensor L1: 91 x 52 x 44mm (optional)
Sensor SR1: 200 x 25 x 25mm (optional)
Sensor MR1: 280 x 40 x 40mm (optional)

Sensor weight

Sensor S1: 75g (included)
Sensor M1: 260g (optional)
Sensor L1: 530g (optional)
Sensor SR1: 250g (optional)
Sensor MR1: 1080g (optional)


All liquids with impurty smaller 5%

Data connection USB

LCD 2,8"

Power supply

Accu / 3.7 V 2500 mAh

Accu lifetime

10 hours (at full capacity)

Power adapter

USB 5V DC, 500mA

Data logger

32 GB / 10 Mio. measuring points


165 x 85 x 32 mm (L x B x H)