P795 Reference-Thermometer

High precision instrument for temperature (±0,01), with memory for 6.000 measurements. The instrument is designed for application of the quality assurance, e.g. testing climatic chambers, calibration thermostats, oven...or thermoelectrical processes. For the battery-powered instrument we provide a separate power supply as an option. The measuring interval is adjustable between 1 second and 30 minutes. The P795 measuring system is the perfect standard to test subordinated instruments or systems. For traceability we recommend to order those instruments with a calibration certificate.

The P795-series instruments provide different calibration possibilities for the connectable Pt100 probes. The easiest and most convenient way is to use our Smart probes with Eprom. The calibration coefficients (R0ABC) will automatically transfer from the probe to the instrument. The user has nothing to do except for turning on the instrument. Calibration coefficients of the Smart probes are calculated at 0°C, 75°C and 150°C as standard. On request we can provide further calibration points.

Order No.: 5000-0795
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Technical data

Inputs Pt100 according to EN 60751
Measuring range
Pt100 -200°C...+850°C
Pt100 ±0,015°C from -50°C...+199,99°C
±0,025% of reading for the remaing range
Resolution 0,001°C from -200°C...+200°C
remaining range 0,01°C
EX-mark -

6.000 measurements

Measuring interval Adjustable: 1 second...30 minutes
Output USB
Connectors 8-pole DIN 45326
Working temperature 0°C...+40°C
Display 2-line LCD
Housing plastic (ABS)
Dimensions 200 x 85 x 40 mm (LxWxH)
Weight 300 g
Power supply 9 V battery
Batterie life appr. 20 h



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