HiTemp 2400 Infrared thermometer

IR-thermometer for applications up to 2400°C

Infrared thermometer with thermocouple input and double laser

Product features

  • Non-contact measurement with input for thermocouple probes type K
  • Large display area: Simultaneous display of reading and Max/Min or Alarm
  • With laser sighting and backlight
  • Wide temperature range
    • Infrared: +200...+2400°C
    • Thermocouple: -64...+1400°C
  • HOLD-, MAX-, MIN-, DIF-, AVG-function
  • Adjustable emissivity
  • Alarm function, audible and optical
  • Lockmode for continuous measurements

Order No.: 5020-2400
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Technical data

Optical Resolution 100:1
Temperature range +200°C...+2400°C
(thermocouple input: -64...+1400°C)
Display resolution 0,1°C (above 1000°C 1°C)
Accuracy ±2% or 2°C whichever is greater
(thermocouple input: ±1% or 1°C whichever is greater
Spectral response 1,1 - 3,7 µm
Working temperature 0...50°C
Battery life Typically 40 Hours operating time
Battery 2 x 1,5 volt AA size
Dimensions 233,8 x 207,5 x 60,6 mm
Weight 1350 g

Areas of application

Areas of application With IR-Thermometry you are able to measure the surface
temperature. The short response time and no need to touch
the object is an important advantage.

- Moving parts (running paper webs...)
- Determine the surface temperature of gears and motors
- Live parts (electrical components, transformers...)
- Non-touchable parts (freshly painted parts)
- Food and corrosive substances


Functions HOLD/MAX/MIN/DIF/AVG/LOCK-function
Adjustable emissivity 0.10...1.00
Laser, Backlight
Alarm function, audible and optical
Thermocouple input


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