TA 100 Temperature-humidity instrument

Temperature-Humidity instrument with indicated dewpoint and alarm-function LED)

Product features

  • Very fast capacity humidity sensor
  • Dewpoint and MAX-MIN-Function
  • C/F-switchable
  • HI-LO-Alarm with red LED


Perfect designed instrument for table or wallmounting. With the alarm function (acoustic and optic alarm) it is the ideal solution for laboratories, production plants, greenhouses... - Building industry - HVAC - Laboratory - Food

Order No.: 5000-0100
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Technical data

Measuring range -40...+70°C
Display resolution 0,1°C
Accuracy ±0,5°C
Measuring range 0...99%rF
Display resolution 0,1%
Accuracy ±5% (20...80%) remaining range ±7%
Working temperature -40...+70°C
Battery life time > 1 year
Battery 2 x 1,5 Volt AAA size
Dimensions 105 x 105 x 44 mm
Weight 125 gr. (incl. packaging)


Functions Max/Min-Function, dewpoint, alarmsettings


5000-0100 (Multilingual)
5000-0100 Multi (Multilingual)

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