RH 896 Infrared thermometer with hygrometer

Perfectly designed for HVAC engineers. By simultaneous measurement of dewpoint and surface temperature you are able to avoid mould on walls. The robust case protect the instrument in rough areas.

Infrared thermometer with thermocouple input and humidity sensor and laser-sighting

Product features

  • Non-contact measurement with input for thermocouple probes type K and humidity sensor
  • Large display area: Simultaneous display of temperature and humidity reading or Max/Min values
  • With laser sighting and backlight
  • Wide temperature range
    • Infrared: -50...+500°C
    • Thermocouple: -100...+1400°C
  • HOLD-, MAX-, MIN-function

Order No.: 5020-0896
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Technical data

Optical Resolution 30:1
Temperature range -50°C...+500°C
(thermocouple input: -100...+1370°C)
Display resolution 0,1°C (above 200°C 1°C)
Accuracy ±2% or 2°C whichever is greater
(thermocouple input: ±1% or 1°C whichever is greater
Spectral response 6 - 14 µm
Working temperature 0...50°C
Battery life Typically 40 Hours operating time
Battery 1 x 9 Volt block battery
Dimensions 255 x 45 x 34 mm
Weight 1150 g

Areas of application

Areas of application With IR-Thermometry you are able to measure the surface
temperature. The short response time and no need to touch
the object is an important advantage.

- Moving parts (running paper webs...)
- Determine the surface temperature of gears and motors
- Live parts (electrical components, transformers...)
- Non-touchable parts (freshly painted parts)
- Food and corrosive substances


Functions HOLD/MAX/MIN-function
Laser, Backlight
Thermocouple input
USB-interface and Software for Online documentation
incl. transport case


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