OXY 7 with polarographic sensor

Set for measurement of oxygen, temperature and barometric pressure incl. polarograhic sensor with 3m cable. Displays O2, and temperature simultaneously. Automatic air pressure compensation and manual salinity compensation. IP57 waterproof 

Ideal for measurements of oxygen in fluids. For quality control in laboratories and production process.


Bestellnummer: 5040-0280
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Technical data

Measuring range dissolved Oxygen 0,00...19,99 mg/l-ppm / 20,0...50,0 mg/l-ppm
Resolution dissolved Oxygen 0,01 / 0,1
Accuracy dissolved Oxygen +- 1,5% F.S (with sensor)
Measuring range Oxygen saturation 0,0...199,9% / 200...400%
Resolution Oxygen saturation 0,1 / 1%
Accuracy Oxygen saturation +- 10% (with sensor)
Points of calibration Oxygen saturation 1 or 2 automatic
Measuring rang barometric Air pressure 0,0...1100 mbar
Accuracy barometric Air pressure +- 0,5% (with sensor)
Resolution barometric Air pressure 1 mbar
Automatic air pressure compensation Yes
Measuring range Temperature 0,6...60,0°C
Resolution Temperature 0,1°C
Accuracy Temperature +- 0,5°C
Temperature compensation Automatic
Salinity compensation Yes, manual
Measuring range salinity 0...50 ppt



BNC and RCA (Chinch)

Power supply

3 x 1,5 V batteries

IP protection class

IP 57


86 x 196 x 33mm