LT102 Alarm thermometer

Perfectly designed for monitoring refrigerators of laboratories. With the immersion probe the instrument is specially designed to check the temperature of liquid or semisolid material. The Hi-Lo-Alarm is the ideal function for detecting temperature problems during storage.

Product features

  • water-tight
  • big display
  • including immersion probe with 3000 mm cable
  • including pocket clip and table rack
  • integrated sensor holder + magnet
  • C/F-switchable
  • Hi-Lo-Alarm

Order No.: 5020-0573
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Technical data

Sensor NTC
Measuring range


Resolution 0,1°C
Accuracy ±0,5°C(-20°C...+25°C), remaining ±1°C
Dimensions 86 x 57 x 30 mm (LxWxH)
Tube 30 x 5 mm (LxD)
Weight 100 g

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