LOG220E PDF- data logger with display for temperature, humidity,pressure and CO2

Data logger for temperature, humidity and pressure internal and external connection for a CO2-sensor or temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensor. Inclusive motion sensor. Integrated USB-interface for automatic PDF-creation, incl. wall mount

Memory for 60.000 measurements (60k for each value), useable without software (default settings with 5 minutes interval), automatic PDF creation (no drivers required), optional software download), free adjustable recording interval 10 seconds up to 24 hours (via Software Log Connect), battery lifetime appr. 4 years (recording interval >15 minutes), status- and alarm-LEDs, defeatable display, resettable Max-Min values, time marking functions for measuring results, Motion sensor for shock recording e.g.: door or windows closing

Order No.: 5005-0222
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Technical data

Measuring range Temperature internal


Measuring range temperature externaly (PT100) -200°C...+850°C


Accuracy internal

+- 0,5°C (0...60°C) otherwise + - 1°C

Accuracy external (PT100)

+ - 0,2°C or + - 0,3% (whichever is greater)

Measuring range Humidity 0...100% rH
Resolution 0,1% rH
Accuracy + - 3% rH (40..60%). + - 3,5% (20...40% and 60...80%) otherwise + - 5%
Measuring range Pressure 300...1100 hPa
Resolution 0,1 hPa
Accuracy + - 1 hPa (900...1100 hPa) otherwise 0,5% of the end value

60.000 measurings (60k for each value)

Voltage 1 x 1/2AA size 3,6 volt
Battery life

appr. 4 years (with an intervall of  > 15 min)


91,5 x 42 x 20 mm


70 g

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