LOG 100 Starter Set incl. Software and USB-cable

For transportation and storage

  • Large display for actual measurement and MAX/MIN/AVG value
  • Battery status indicator
  • Easy to use Windows Software (LOG-Graph)
  • Optical and acustic Hi /LOW alarm
  • Memory for 60.000 readings with 2 variables
  • Adjustable interval from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Waterproof IP 65
  • Easy changeable battery
  • High accuracy + - 0,5°C

Order No.: 5005-1105
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Technical data

Technical data with LCD, 2-line, incl. DE-LOG-Software + cable

internal NTC
external PT 1000

Measuring range

-10...+70°C (internal)
-200...+350°C (external)


Intern: -+-0,3°C -20..50°C +-0,7°C (remaining range)
Extern: +-0,5°C at -200…250°C plus sensor inaccuracy
+-1,0°C (remaining range)


2 x 60.000 measurings

Interface USB
Voltage 1 x CR2032
Battery life > 1 Year (measuring interval > 4 minutes)
Dimensions 88 x 55 x 20 mm
Weight 95 g

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