Proscan 520 Infrared thermometer

Professional - Infraredthermometer with laser and 40:1 optical resolution

Product features

  • Temperature range from -32 up to 760°C
  • Precision glass optics for accurate noncontact temperature measurement
  • Fast 0.3 second scanning of cold and hot spots
  • with USB-port, cable and Software for Online-measurements
  • with thermocouple socket and probe (type K)
  • Laser sighting with narrow beam aiming for accurate readings
  • Adjustable acoustic High-/Low-alarm

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Technical data

Temperature range -32...+760°C (-20...1440°F)
System accuracy ± 1°C or ± 1% from +20...760°C (whichever is greater)
± 1,5°C from 19,9...0°C
± 2,5°C from -0,1...-20°C
± 3°C from -20,1...-32°C
Optical resolution (D:S) 40:1
Display resolution 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Response time (95%) 300ms
Ambient temperature 0...50°C
Spectral response 8 - 14 µm
Emissivity 0.100-1.500
Signal processing Min/Max/Scan/Hold/Offset/°C/°F
Backlight Yes
High/Low alarm Visual and acoustic
Laser <1mW Laser class IIa, narrow 9mm Offset
Weight/Dimensions 150g, 190x38x45mm
Battery 9V Alkaline battery
Battery life 20 hours with 50% laser and backlight; 40 hors laser and
backlight off

Areas of application

Applications Non contact thermometers use infrared technology to measure
of materials up close, or from a distance. You simply aim,
pull the trigger, and read the temperature (response time
appr. 0.3 second).

A wide temperature range of -32 to 760°C, laser aiming and
an optical resolution of 40:1 allow technicians to carry
accurate noncontact surface measurements for electrical and
mechanical maintenance, HVAC checks, automotive testing and
other applications, anywhere that temperature is a factor.

Mechanical Maintenance
Observe temperatures of motors and drives, bearings and
valves. Gather temperature data of heating and ventilation
components. Check furnace performance and steam

Electrical Maintenance
Infrared thermometer are proven time saving tools for
predictive maintenance of electrical systems. Check out
temperature problems safely with connectors, fuses,
motors, motor windings, insulations, electrical wiring and
electrical cabinets before damages occur.

Automotive Testing
Check temperatures of engines and catalytic converters,
ignition system problems, analyse cooling system
restrictions, diagnose air conditioning systems, check
and brakes with uneven braking.