Energy Advisor case

Set for enegy advisors

Product features

  • H560 Instrument for Temperature and Humidity/dew point
  • HumidCheck Moisture Instrument
  • ScanTemp 440 Laser-Infraredhermometer
  • SL 328 Soundlevel Meter

Order No.: 5020-0562
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Technical data

Dimensions 340 x 280 x 90 mm
Weight 1200 gr. (incl. packaging)

Areas of application

Applications Compact Instruments with a lot of features, perfect
for measuring ambient conditions:
HVAC, food storage, buildings, offices, production plants.
Easy to use: For detecting critical temperature-humidity
environments, e.g.: mould in living quarters

- Building industry
- Education
- Laboratory
- Food (process & storage)


5020-0560 Manual (Multilingual)
5020-0504 Manual (Multilingual)
5020-0340 Manual (German)
5020-0328 Manual (Multilingual)

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