DualTemp Pro Insertion-Infrared thermometer

Temperature measurement optional contact-free with infrared or with probe. Display of current, highest or lowest temperature during the measurement. HACCP-LED indicates HI/LO-Level for food


Mit dem Infrarotteil messen Sie die Oberfläche (z. B. Verpackung..), mit dem Einstechfühler lassen sich Kerntemperaturen erfassen.

Order No.: 5020-0413
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Technical data

Measuring range

-55°C...+220°C (Infrared)
-55°C...+220°C (Imersion-thermocouple)

Accuracy +-1°C or 1%
Response time Appr. 500 ms
Working temperature 0...50°C
Storage temperature -20...50°C
Emissivity adjustable 0.10...1.0
Distance: Spot size 2,5 : 1
Power supply 2 x AAA size
Housing Plastic
Dimensions 22 x 38 x 190 mm
Weight 160g
  • C°/F°- switchable
  • MaxMin-memory
  • Automatic Hold
  • Lock-mode for continues measurements
  • IP65 waterproofed
Product profile Measuring the core temperature or the surface temperature
of food. For measuring the surface temperature (e.g. food
packaging) you are using the infrared sensor and with the
immersion probe you are able to measure the core


5020-0413 Manual (Multilingual)

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