DHC 75 Temperature- calibrator

Universally applicable and portable Blockcalibrator for immersion-and insertion probes (e.g. Pt 100, Thermocouples) between +40...375°C

Product features

  • Large measuring range +40 ... 375 ° C
  • 230 VAC power supply
  • 120mm immersion depth

Various interchangeable inserts available on demand:

  • A (standard insert alread included) 1x 3.1mm / 2x 4.1mm, 1x 6.1mm
  • B 1x 11.1mm / 1x 6.5mm / 1x 4.1mm 1x 3.1mm
  • C 1x 12.6mm / 1x 6.5mm
  • D 1x 17.4mm

Order No.: 5030-0075
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Technical data

Calibration range


Accuracy ±0,3°C
Resolution 0,1°C


Temperature control Internal PT100
Heating Time From 40°C...+200°C: 9 minutes
Cooling time From 375°C...100°C: 35 minutes
Power supply

100...234 VAC  50/60 Hz


230 x 250 x 150 mm (WxDxH)


6.0 kg

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