COND 5 EXTERN Tester Kit

Measurement set for measurements of conductivity and TDS with changeable sensor. Set inclusive calibration solution and batteries (no sensor included)

Product features

  • Automatic calibration function with stability indication for 1...3 calibration points 84 µS, 1.413 µS an 12.88 mS
  • IP 67 waterproofed
  • Replaceable sensor for COND, TDS, salt and temperature
  • Battery indicator
  • Multi-color backlight for status indication of measurement mode, calibration and alarm

Order No.: 5040-0244E
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Technical data

Measurements parameters

Conductivity, TDS, salt and temperature

Measuring range

Conductivity           0....2000 uS, 0...20 mS
TDS                       0,1 ppm....10 ppt
Salt                        0,01....10g/l



Conductivity           + - 1% full scale
TDS                       + - 1% full scale
Temperature          + - 0,2°C


Conductivity         Automatic scale
Temperature        0,1°C

Working temperature 0°C...+50°C

35 x 175mm


130 g

Power supply

4 x 1,5 Volt AAA batteries