BB 500 Black body calibrator for infrared instruments

Universally applicable and portable Blockcalibrator for Infraredthermometer

Product features

  • 57 mm black body
  • Emissivity 0,95
  • Wide measuring range +50°C...+500°C
  • Easy handling
  • 230 VAC power supply

Order No.: 5030-0500
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Technical data



Resolution 0,1°C
Emissivity 0.95
Stability ±0,1°C +50..100°C
±0,2°C +101..350°C
±0,4°C +351..500°C
Working temperature 0°C...+40°C
Display LED
Power supply 230 VAC
Dimensions 180 x 114 x 233 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 2682 g


5030-0500 Manual (Multilingual)

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