TA 140 Temperatur-Feuchtelogger

Temperature/Humidity-Logger with alarm and wireless sensoric

For the control of temperature and humidity, indication of dew point, max.-min.-function, average values, alarm at freely adjustable temperature and humidity values (upper/lower limit), data logger with up to 50.000 measured values, recallable via display or PC-USB interface. Connection of up to 8 wireless outdoor transmitters.

Order No.: 5000-0140
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Technical data

Principle NTC
Measuring range -20...+60°C
Resolution ±0,1°C
Accuracy ±1,0°C
Rel. Humidity
Principle capacitive
Measuring range 0...99% rH
Resolution 1%
Accuracy ±3% rH(35..75%)
Memory 50.000 measurings
Interface USB
Working temperature 0...50°C
Voltage 2 x 1,5 V AA size
Battery life > 1 Year
Dimensions 137 x 98 x 26 mm
Weight 430 g


Functions Dew point, Max-Min-AVG, Hi-Lo-Alarm, optional: wireless
sensor, calibration function


5000-0140 Manual (Multilingual)

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