Smart precision probe with 5 point adjustment -100...+250°C

Precise reference probe for measuring precise temperatures or for use as an industrial temperature standard e.g. for liquid baths, fixed point cells and temperature block calibrators.

  • Slim design: The temperature sensor with a diameter of 4mm and a small handle enables use in confined conditions such as temperature dry well calibrators

  • Pt 100 temperature sensors: Use of highly stable and aged temperature sensors

  • Configurable: individually configurable according to many parameters

Order No.: 6000-1761
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Technical data

Temperature range: -100...+250°C
Typical accuracy

+- 0,005°C -20...+100°C
+- 0,03°C -100...-20°C
+- 0,015°C +100...+200°C
+ - 0,020°C +200...+250°C

Nominal resistance Pt100 (100 Ohm)
Typical annual drift 2,5 mK
Connection type 4- wire
Connection cable Fiberglass protection hose with temperature resistant, low EMF strands made of PFA
Protection tube Made of highly restistant outgassed metal alloy
Dimensions Tube: 300 x 4mm
Handle: 12 x 40mm
Connection cable: 1,5m
Measuring resistor

R0: 100 Ohm + - 0,05 Ohm Alpha: 0,003850 + - 0,000005 Norm: IEC 60751:2008 length: 25mm Recommend measuring recommended: 1mA

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